'"When our management team became concerned that internal team dynamics were moving in the direction of  'unprofessional', we were also mindful that this dynamic was limiting our collective ability to adapt to necessary people/process change initiatives driven by our growth;  we knew we needed outside help, and fast. We heard about Sally and her small business coaching practice, and were immediately impressed with her ability to assess our mission, culture, our organizational misalignments, and our need for a stronger voice from leadership.  Within weeks, we felt we were having the crucial conversations necessary to transition our organization to its next generation of leadership and growth.  To this day, Sally helps us sort out internal challenges as we grow to meet the demands of our growing and shifting customer base.  I would highly recommend Sally, she’s a consummate professional; she really gets small business, she’s committed having a positive impact, and always available for thought partnering - to this day."

                                          - Christy A., HR Director, Bay Area Construction Firm

Sally is a breath of fresh air and energy.  She has helped me define and clarify the product offering for developing my small business, and has helped strategize the critical path forward.  She has encouraged me to stay true to my vision and discover how I can best add value to the process while providing a framework for continued progress.  She is honest with her feedback, providing invaluable positive support to focus on what is unique about my business.  Her keen ability to clearly articulate opportunities and perceived obstacles is always enlightening and inspiring." 

                                          - Alison H., Founder, Alzheimer's Memory Books

" I had worked with several coaches before contacting Sally. I was referred to her by another small business owner who had been going through difficult times with her advisory board, and brought Sally in to help her confidently explore new possible business directions, and more importantly, to discover that she was already on the path of her dreams, but was not able to see the signs.. Sally helped her find her confidence and voice, and that's what I wanted.  Sally brings not only an immense amount of business savvy to coaching, but has a phenomenal way of helping you find your own, authentic path to your vision.  I can honestly  say that had I not met Sally, I would still be dreaming about my now thriving business! Highly recommend!"

                                                  - Tracy G., CEO, Bay Area Costume Design House

“Choosing a coach, teacher, advisor or spiritual guide for yourself is one of the most important things you will do in your life.  The person you choose to trust as your teacher or coach will change you in ways that are fundamental to “who” you are.  Will they listen to you and come to know you, but also be able to see what you’d like to become?  The answer with Sally Park is “YES”.   Sally is a highly skilled listener who begins each session from the perspective of wanting to know EXACTLY where you are, right now.  From there, she is able to help you understand what it is you are after and do what only the best teachers do - which is to help you hear your own thoughts.   I have worked with Sally as my coach and also interacted with her in other professional environments  - and there has never been a time when she did not make me want to be a better person by the way she spoke to people and presented herself.  She does not always say “yes” and she will challenge you and your assumptions about yourself and all the while demonstrate a respect for you as a human being.. I urge you to think carefully about what kind of coach you are looking for and when you have done so, come talk to Sally.”

                                          -  Michael L., Children'sTheatre Director

"I started my career as a writer and author, and in the process of promoting my book, I became known as an expert in the area of autism and disability, writing articles for the New York Times, NPR, CNN and many others. I wrote an internationally recognized blog for the San Francisco Chronicle and was the go to person for sharing news and resources about autism and developmental disabilities.  But… I wasn’t earning much for my efforts. The disability blog at SFGate that I was best known for was not a paid position, but gave me a platform and a lot of experience. only in exposure, and not for money. I enjoyed writing, and took on projects here and there, but did not know how to position myself to get paid for my work.

A friend told me about Sally Park, and convinced me to sign up with her for some business coaching. That was 6 months ago. Today, I work full time as a professional writer, storyteller and content strategist, and am so busy that I sometimes need to turn down new opportunities.

Sally got to know me and helped me figure out what I wanted to do. Did I only want to write about disability? What else could I write about? And what skills did I have that were marketable in the current economy?  One of the most helpful things Sally did was teach me to say “This is what I do, and my rate is…” It was really hard for me at first, but now it comes naturally (as it should!).

Sally is super smart, honest and has a great sense of humor. If you have any questions about my experience with Sally, email me!"

                                             - Laura S., Writer, Storyteller, Autism Expert

"Sally is a terrific coach and mentor. She has an unusual sense of empathy and warmth for other people and their situations. Her ability to quickly understand core issues empowered me to take control of a negative situation and turn it into a positive experience that helped me learn and grow. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for help or guidance with very complicated work (or life) situations!"

                                          - Elizabeth H., User Experience Designer

 "Let me just start by saying that Sally has given me a rare gift. When I first met with her, I thought I was doing all the right things in my job search – but from there she helped me get more clarity and focus about what I really was made of, where I would thrive, use all of my gifts.  She helped me to see that my heart wasn't in my "search", which is why I wasn't getting results. She helped me to understand how I was "showing up", and then helped me to reframe my goals in a major way.  Now, I feel fantastic. I'm inspired and I'm showing the confidence I didn't show before. Added bonus? I'm really enjoying my life and looking forward to what comes next. Thanks Sally." 

                                    - Libby R., Bay Area base Freelance Marketer

     " I contacted Sally to work with me primarily on relationships with family and, as recent divorcee, with women. With Sally it is always a meaningful conversation; it's not her talking or me talking. She hears what I say and perhaps what I don't say. She challenges me think about what I'm doing and how it might be perceived. She gives me the credit for being open to change, but Sally deserves much of the credit."

                                - Larry M., Happily retired IT Professional     

 "When it was time for me to start the process of re-entering the workforce after being a stay at home mom for 15 years, it was Sally who really got me moving towards my goals. Sally encouraged me to identify my core strengths, to uncover what it is that I am passionate about, and to pursue those paths. Working with Sally allowed me to jump in to this otherwise scary place with confidence. Sally's advice was invaluable, relevant, and inspiring. She'll get right in the trenches with you - at one point she guided me through the development of my initial cover letter and very concisely pinpointed what it was that I had missed in my message. She suggested books for me to read which were right on the money. The reading was exactly what I needed to know! Our meetings were also very informative and productive. I often refer to the notes that I took from our meetings together. Sally is professional and extremely talented at what she does. I am so grateful that I had Sally there to talk to and learn from during this transitional phase of my life. She's an amazing person and I highly recommend her!  

                                        -     Kelly H., Business Development Pro, National News Services