Sally earned her nickname "Spark" 25 years ago, while working as a technology consultant for a Wall Street investment bank. The nickname was a derivation of her given name, but the moniker has endured due to Sally's reputation for:

* energizing and inspiring people,

* igniting creative teamwork and effective collaboration,

* "sparking" up new ideas and effective methods to mediate stressful situations,

*  empowering teams and individuals to play their best game. 

Throughout her career,  Sally has leveraged her can-do spark to successfully reinvent herself while stepping into new, challenging and diverse career tracks including senior leadership roles for Fortune 500 Companies, C-level roles for startup ventures, small businesses turnarounds, and non-profit leadership.  Sally has hired and developed teams, designed professional and organizational development strategies for people to not only survive, but to thrive during transitions.  

"Sally is someone you always want to have on your speed dial.. She was my go-to person years before she became a professional coach."      ~ Lisa Solomon - Author, Speaker, Innovation Strategist

Today, as a Certified Energy Leadership, Small Business Performance, and Life Transformations coach, Sally combines her years of business sense with important lessons learned in her personal life to help her clients experience change, transition, and upheaval as an opportunity for self reflection, enrichment, and profound personal growth.

When she's not working with clients, Sally spends her time road and mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, skiing and practicing+teaching yoga… and thinking about how she can share new insights and "empowered frameworks for living" with her clients!